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Giftzore™ Rotatable Adapter

Giftzore™ Rotatable Adapter

Save Space Without Bending Wires!

The Giftzore™ Rotatable Adapter easily converts a wall plug into three plugs, a much better use of space. The 180-degree rotating adapter can be bent at different angles (0 ° - 180 °) without hindering other sockets and keeps all plugs close to the wall to avoid clutter. Perfect to side outlet adapter behind your couch or bed.
Easy Access

The compact 3-way design allows you to use large adapter-shaped plugs, our 180-degree rotating type A plug can be bent into different angles without obstructing other outlets.

PC Flame Retardant Material

Our Giftzore™ Rotatable Adapter is made of high-quality fire-proof material PBT, rated for a maximum of 125VAC, 10A, and 2500W. The adapter is the perfect addition to any indoor AC outlet extender use, portable size also can be used as a travel adapter.

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