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Giftzore™ Self Stirring Mug

Giftzore™ Self Stirring Mug

Mix Your Beverages With Ease!

The Giftzore™ Self Stirring Mug is the best and easiest way to mix hot or cold drinks! Our mug also comes with a lid that allows you to take beverages from the kitchen to the living room, bedroom, car, office, gym, school, and beyond.

Our Self Stirring Mug is very suitable for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, milk, protein shakes, lemonade, broth, and many other beverages that could use a light mix.

Easy to Clean
If you don't need the stirring function, our stainless steel coffee cup can be used as an ordinary water cup. It is also very easy to clean! Just use tap water to clean it.

Easy to Operate
Press the start button to start the automatic stirring feature. Press the start button again to stop the stirring!
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